Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Task 3: MORE Music to Words

Read this VERY carefully. This task is SIMILAR to Task 2 but it is NOT the SAME.

With Task 2, you had to use a piece of music to inspire a narrative - a self-contained extract from a story. Atmosphere, plot, tension etc. were all important, and all had to be extracted from the music itself.

Task 3 is purely DESCRIPTION. Whilst what you write could appear in a much longer piece of fiction, it will work on its own as a single description - of a place, a (fictional) person or an object.

As with the best writing recently, I am looking for description which:
  • makes creative but careful use of sonic devices such as rhyme and alliteration
  • embraces the potential of figurative language (similes and metaphors) and personification to bring an image to life
  • avoids cliche and pursues originality - of lexis (vocabulary) and syntax (sentence structure)
  • is structured carefully and consistently, with a clear opening and a deliberate finish
I will post an exemplar shortly.

As before, please listen carefully (and several times) to ALL 20 extracts - before you select the one which most powerfully makes you imagine the person/place/thing you will describe. Please tell me if you would like me to email them to you again. And make sure you choose a DIFFERENT one from last time.

The deadline for this task midnight on Tuesday 9th November.

Good luck!


  1. is there a minimum/maximum of words?

  2. I think probably the same as Task 2: 250-400 words

    That OK?


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