Sunday, 23 January 2011


A town I can’t forget, I won’t, not now,

Just greens, not fields but still no farmers plough,

It stands along the river Thames,

The boats, the ducks, they are immense.

A royal place it was,

And still it has some flaws;

The lights at night,

First night with fright,

So green,


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  1. Hi,

    Wow - that's a pro job. You should be incredibly proud of what you've achieved there. Your poem not only fits the rules practically perfectly, but it also made me smile.

    The meaning in the line about the lack of a 'farmer's plough' is a bit less clear than the rest. Don't make things too hard for yourself with this, and also remember that the same rules apply to poetry as I mentioned with prose - you don't have to put on someone else's voice to do it.

    So with the line 'the royal place it was' you've made the line a bit like something Yoda would say to fit the rhyme. But that does sound old fashioned, so maybe that's what you were going for - if so that's genius.

    You should be very confident going into the next task with this as your grounding. You clearly get poetry, and I'm really looking forward to whatever you write next.

    Take care,



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