Sunday, 10 April 2011

Extract 3- End in Tears by Ruth Rendell

This extract caught my attention the most. Unlike the other extracts, this one had dialogue and descriptions making it more interesting. In this extract, we get the descriptions of what is happening, but we do not know why or where it is happening and we begin to wonder what comes next, and who the character is. Sometimes with stories, there are too many descriptions that make the story boring (for example in extract 4) and with continuous descriptions, it begins to feel like it is going on and on and on. With the simple language used in this extract and the short sentences, we can feel tension being created especially in the line "the third minute passed. the fourth." instead of having "The third minute passed and then the fourth minute passed." I also liked how we discovered some of the characteristics of the character without them being obvious. The line "He hated anticlimaxes. The silver honda could have taken another route." shows the reader that the character is quite impatient. This extract was simple, but had very detailed components that made the story tense.

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